Happy birthday, Lekan.

Don’t think I have told you enough that I appreciate our friendship, can’t even remember how we met.

I remember Archie Engineering Drawing (where you were Mr. Lecturer and I was sneering student) but don’t think it was our first time, not sure.

Ever since, we’ve done deals, we’ve made money, You’ve defended me, covered for me, you’ve advised me, you’ve been very very tolerating of my plenty BS and of course, you’ve CHEATED me, you’ve pissed me off and always the first to reach out like a big brother.

I’m an arse, unreliable but you look past that always.

Thank you for believing in me and the future ahead of us(to a fault), it means a lot to me.

You’ve been a great partner, always having any eye for the bottom line. But when I think of the other paths of life we’ve walked together, it gets tricky. Ok here, you’re my brother :)

Happy birthday, Lekan! It is a new year for you with better things to come. This is the year we’d surprise/gladden everyone, God bless the hustle this ‘new’ year!


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